About Coltrad

Established over twenty years ago, Coltrad has become a leading importer and distributor of ingredients and raw materials for the animal and pet food industries. With our global network of offices, we supply all types of animal proteins including Bone meals, Blood meals, Bone chips and feed grade rice and related ingredients.

From our Head office in London our area of influence extends across Europe. We also have representative offices in Lagos – Nigeria, Durban – South Africa, and local representation in China and Thailand covering SE Asia and the Indian sub-continent.

Our meat and bone meal products are supplied from approved and audited meat producing and rendering factories meeting the highest standards. All our ingredients are from established and highest quality producers with whom we have regular trading experience. We pride ourselves on delivering quality, with our product meeting your required specification, offering a door to door service.

Product can either be bagged in large tote bags or delivered in bulk trailer.

Enquiries for any of our products are welcome and will be dealt with promptly.